Herbal Beverages ,mapraw (coconut)

Herbal Beverages ,mapraw (coconut)

Mapraw (Coconut)

Scientific Name:Cocos nucifera Linn.


Other names:Maakon Mogoon, Mapraaw (Generally) Heddung (Petchboon) Praaw, Mapraaw (The Southern Part ) Yo (Malayu – The Southern Part ) Korsaa (Karen – Mae Hongsorn) Dung (Chong-Chanburi) Pole (Karen – Karnijanuburi) Eiajee (Chinese)

Botanical features:

Trunk A perennial tree for around 20-30 metres high a corner that is very tall and thin doesn’t produce any branch.

LeavesThe leaves of the coconut tree have been in a substance form, feather – like shape. They’re lengthy, narrow and pointed in the finish with glossy, deep eco-friendly colour.

BlossomsA cluster of small – sized flowers growing in the aromatic of husk which provides coverage for small blossoms. You will find 6 petals of the blossom. Every cluster contains of stamens and pistils, in the finish and base, correspondingly.

FruitA coconut includes a round or oblong shape with smooth outer husk. The youthful coconut is eco-friendly and turns brown when fully ripe. The center part is soft fibre. The interior part is difficult (the endocarp). The following part is white-colored, soft meat with thin juice.


As foodsThe youthful crown from the coconut tree is perfect for fried food and curry. Youthful coconut is edible as fresh or just being burnt in addition to being cooked a hormog (a Thai dish consisteing of steamed fish or chicken in coconut cream and chili sauce). The cluster, using its cut tip, produces syrup for namtaan peep (sugar produced from coconut syrup) liquor, and vinegar. Coconut milk is created into magarine and oil. Coconut meat is squeezed into coconut milk or coconut cream to cook, and sweet dainties and coconut oil.

Food valueCoconut meat contains of approximately 65% oil rich in phosphorus, calcium, carb, yet others. Coconut oil contains variesties of essential fatty acids which produce rancid smell if left too lengthy.

As medicineAshes from the burnt fresh bark from the coconut palm are utilized to cure tooth pain and scabies. Fresh or deied coconut meal is perfect for adding nourishment to body’s energy, decreasing urinary discomfort and eliminating parasitic worms in addition to being medicinal drug. Coconut milk, a laxative and medicine for diarrhea, helps solve urinary problem, gallstone and bloodstream vomit. Oil obtained from coconut meat or even the hard husk can be used for stopping the wounds burnt by warm water.

Nam Mapraaw (Coconut Juice)

IngredientsMapraaw Namhom (Sweet-smell coconut milk) Syrup